Wine Club Marketing

Wine club marketing is the future of DTC marketing strategies for wineries. How to market your wine club and achieve success from your investment of energy and time. Running a successful wine club, and the best practices for wine sales club growth. At WMS we believe in top knotch wine club marketing services. When you consider the amount of money one winery can make with a strong DTC sales plan and a loyal wine club marketing plan the sky is truly the limit.

Leveraging DTC Channels

With the pandemic, all eyes moved towards leveraging DTC Channels. Wine Club Marketing from WMS and pivoting wines towards succesful growth.

Social Media and Wine Club Marketing

Engage with potential customers through social media, and at the tasting rooms begin arranging Wine and Food Pairing nights. Take this opportunity to educate your members about the different pairings and how they can do that themselves as well. 

Holidays, Birthdays, and Anniversaries

– Acknowledge their Birthdays and Anniversaries by offering them a special discount or sending over a bottle and making them feel special. These small efforts for your consumers go a long way and help you gain a loyal customer.

– Enhance their winery and wine tasting experience by offering Member Only Perks. 

– Give them Loyalty or Credit points on every purchase which can help them earn a discount. This will lead to repeat purchases.

– Purchase a wine club software that can be integrated with your database. This can help you maintain a record along with all the data of all your members and allow you to personally reach out and cater to them.

– Give them access to unreleased vintages which you have not yet released to the public so they can have special access to it and might end up purchasing most of it.

– Let them be the Winemaker for a day and experience the winemaking through vineyard tours, blending classes, and in-depth winery knowledge. This will help them to increase their knowledge about how their favorite wines are made. 

– Offer a minimum discount to new members when they sign up for the wine club, so more and more people want to be a part of it.